The Beginning

heat wave

Ari has just gotten back to the hotel room when their phone begins to buzz on the nightstand. It’s Tate, they know even before they check the screen. “I could be busy, you know. In the middle of something very important.” “Uh huh. But you’re not,” Tate says, all easy confidence. “How’s New York?” The […]

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“You wanted to see me, sir?” Ari is pretty sure his voice doesn’t waver. It shouldn’t. He has no reason to be afraid of Reuben, other than the fact that he’s massive. And powerful. And an alpha. His alpha. He hasn’t done anything to merit that fear. There’s only so much Ari can do about

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gone home (GH pt 1)

there’s actually a playlist for this here. cw for trauma/flashbacks, mild drug use, sexual content “Tate,” Reuben says, voice gruff. He looks up from the spot on the table he’d been staring at, not quite meeting his alpha’s eyes. “Sir?” “My office. Now.” “Dad-“ “‘Pollo it’s fine,” he mumbles, already pushing away from the dinner

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