Timeline/Story Order – Daybreak

Daybreak is a series of stories written in the same universe. Although this is a general order of stories as they occur in canon, many sections of the story were written out of order so small inconsistencies may occur.

Prequel Stories and Standalones


The owner of an arcane bookstore is forced to deal with an unfortunate change in his life.


After three years of searching and no answers, Bishop asks for a favor to save the last person he ever expected.

Secondary Traits

Set while Astrid, Tate, and Kyah are in college. Astrid comes to terms with a realization and Tate helps her through the changes.


The son of a demon lord finally makes his escape from his father’s shadow.

Part One: Changes

Bad Weather

Every full moon, a state park closes to the public and a pack of werewolves enjoys the freedom the lakeshore offers. Unfortunately, not everything is within their control. Like the weather.

Gone Home (pt 1)

After the dynamics of his family change suddenly once again, Tate decides to give himself some space and returns to his childhood home.

We should probably talk (Gone home pt 2)

Absence may not make the heart grow fonder, but distance doesn’t make problems go away. When an olive branch is extended, can Tate really pass up the opportunity?

The promotion

The pack’s newest addition means a new set of skills, even if they’re a bit unconventional.

What Did You Expect? (GH Pt 3)

Tate’s return to the pack isn’t quite as seamless as he’d hoped, and some are more understanding of his actions than others.

Talk Me Down

Ari and Tate spend some time together one one one and talk through their histories.

Coming Home to you (GH Pt 4)

Talk Me Down from Tate’s POV

Alpha Superpowers (GH Pt 5)

When Kyah has to leave a meeting of the pack’s leadership unexpectedly, Astrid and Tate are finally forced to talk. Tate and Ari have another one on one date night and make some more progress.

balance (GH Pt 6)

Ari makes a decision that can’t be taken back.


A bonus short in which Tate, Kyah, and Ari navigate their new relationship.

Heat wave

Ari has been feeling off for a few days, but it’s probably just stress.

The Cliffs

On the night of a full moon, a boy gets lost in the woods.


A vampire is the victim of a strange break in, which sets him on the trail of a new mystery.

Cole’s Hunt

A continuation of Cole’s hunt for the Wizard.

Part Two: Too Many Demons (TMD)



Tate finally meets Cole for that drink. Things don’t quite go according to plan.

The Run In

Cole’s hunt takes an unexpected turn, but he won’t complain about a lead.

dream a little dream

At long last, Cole’s found the Wizard. Now, they can be even.

wake up

There are some things one improves at with time. For Cole, the morning after isn’t one of them.


After finally locating what he’d spent so many months searching for, Cole doesn’t take losing it well. To make matters worse, demons are crossing into the mortal realm at unprecedented rates and no one knows why.


Tate is having nightmares (when he sleeps at all), and they’re only getting worse. He’s not the only one.


After things fall apart around him, a wizard forsakes caution in favor of answers.


Unable to wait any longer, Ari takes matters into their own hands in order to find a way to save their mate and their pack.


Ari’s found a way to get Tate to sleep, at least. A little breath of peace in the middle of everything.


Part One

Bast and Cole work past their misunderstanding. After all, there are more important things to deal with.

Part Two

Bast’s gone too far this time, but if he succeeds, it will be worth it.


Forgiveness isn’t really a word in Cole’s vocabulary, but practicality is. A problem that he can keep tabs on is, technically, less of a problem, and with an impending invasion of catastrophic proportions, he can’t afford to have any distractions.


Part One

The wolves haven’t faced a real outside threat in generations, but they’re not going to let that stop them from fighting for what’s theirs.

Part Two

While his hunter retrieves her quarry, the Archduke has a goal of his own.


Part One
Part Two

Part Three: Rise of the Hunters

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