Timeline/Story Order – Jack and Dan

Chronological Order:

Note: Although “End of the Night” technically occurs well down the line, reading it first is strongly recommended.

first blood

He is nine, and everything has changed. (The Tragic Backstory no one asked for)

First Date

Dating patients isn’t something Jack does; it’s rare that he sees them more than once, and generally not a good sign if he does. Just this once, he thinks, it might be worth making an exception.

Just Another Weekend

When Dan returns early from a business trip, Jack realizes they might both need a weekend away.

What Makes a Monster

Following what’s supposed to be a casual night at the drive-in, Dan has some doubts about his relationship with Jack. Written for the 2021 Monstrous May Challenge prompt “What is a monster?”

Work Friends

Jack realizes there are some things he doesn’t know about Dan. Like that he speaks more than English, which makes sense in retrospect, or that he has… work friends? He may be a little out of his depth, but that isn’t going to stop him from trying to be a part of Dan’s world where he can.

Zeroing In

Dan gets a new toy for work. Jack comes along to help him try it out.

Change of Plans

Dan is late. Dan is late and it’s fine, things happen. At least, that’s what Jack tells himself. Why else would he be late to their wedding?

Pro Bono

Dan is, objectively, a bad man. Sometimes, though, there are worse men who require him to use his skill set for slightly more noble purposes.

End of the Night

A strange man walks into a small-town bar just before close, much to the concern of its patrons.

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