heat wave

Ari has just gotten back to the hotel room when their phone begins to buzz on the nightstand. It’s Tate, they know even before they check the screen. “I could be busy, you know. In the middle of something very important.” “Uh huh. But you’re not,” Tate says, all easy confidence. “How’s New York?” The […]

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8 – invasion (pt 1 – when the sky is black)

Tate knows that Shae has found him. For real, now that he knows she’s not dead. Whatever let her do it has opened some sort of door, but it goes both ways. He can tell that she’s… waiting for something. Ari doesn’t like it at all. They’ve closed the door between them for security reasons,

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4 – illumination

The footsteps alone are not sufficient to make him stir. Not even that there are two steps, or that one of them sounds especially harried. “My Lord?” He exhales a silent sigh at the second disruption of the day. The first had been some lowly soldier who shouldn’t have been allowed in at all, claiming

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Ari feels Tate coming before the sounds of his footsteps, his breathing, his heartbeat, his quiet, nervous, “Hey?” Like he’s the one who isn’t supposed to be here. Like Ari isn’t the one in his office without an invitation. Turning, Ari meets his eyes and is hit with the rush of hey hi mate mine.

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Tate’s phone starts to buzz. “Hey, your phone’s ringing,” Ari calls. “Who is it?” “Uh. Just says C Sorenson?” “Oh. Answer it. I’ll be there in a second.” Before Ari can actually say anything, the voice on the other end says, “Afternoon, darling. Wanted to follow up on that drink. I could use one right

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