Dog Won’t Hunt

dog won't hunt illustrated cover of two hands with middle fingers raised

Milo Nelson has learned plenty of things from necessity: how to tie a tie, how to change a tire, how to shave his face. He’s also learned that the truth may hurt, but the fantasy of a life he can’t have hurts even more, so when Richard Remington Abernathy III waltzes back into his life two years after the end of their definitely-not-a-relationship and says he’s changed, that dog won’t hunt.

Remi’s drug of choice is denial, and he’s always been one hell of an addict. The only things he’s ever committed to are the expectations of his good Christian family, and Milo knows those don’t include a trans librarian even in the role of friend or roommate. Despite everything, a part of Milo wants to believe that Remi is capable of change; he’s just not sure that the time it takes to find out is worth the risk of being hurt again.

Dog Won’t Hunt is a high-heat (trans M/cis M) contemporary novel about identity, relationships, second chances, and being gay in the south.

Content Warnings for Dog Won’t Hunt

  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Strong language (including homophobic slurs)
  • Religion + religious trauma
  • Drug use
  • Explicit sexual content (including a range of genital terminology)
  • Discussion of dysphoria and transitioning (including menstruation, hormones, and surgery)
  • Death of family member
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