Purrfect Match

purrfect match cover - shows two men from behind on a stylized grey background

The monster under the bed isn’t real.

That’s what single dad Gavin keeps telling his daughter: monsters aren’t real and the nightmares will go away eventually. It’s what he keeps telling himself—just a little more time, and things will be ok again following the sudden death of his wife.

He’s doing his best. He goes to work. He pays the bills on time. He comes home every day and spends time with Lila as they try to get back to normal. He even adopted a cat.

Instead of getting better, however, things seem to be getting worse. Now, he’s not the only one who can’t seem to sleep through the night, Lila is complaining about monsters under the bed, and he’s convinced the cat is somehow to blame.

But that’s ridiculous, right? Even a black cat can’t be the cause of Gavin’s latest stream of bad luck, just like it can’t magically make his life worth living.

The cat would beg to differ.

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